What are Angiomas?

Is a skin irregularity that causes small, red growths to develop on the skin. The red coloring is caused by numerous, dilated capillaries beneath the skin.

Known as Cherry Hemangiomas or Senile Angiomas & Strawberry Angioma seen in infants.

Senile angioma or Cherry angioma are the start of angioma that is commonly found in the elderly especially people with a fair complexion.

Treatment Options

Laser Treatments

Using highly concentrated light, destroying the angioma skin cells. The laser is calibrated to remove tissues of specific coloring, allowing for advanced precision to ensure the most precise treatment avoiding damage to healthy skin tissues surrounding the area.

Laser therapy can be a more comfortable option with less swelling, irritation, inflammation, and scarring after treatment compared with other treatment options.

Cryotherapy Treatments

This procedure uses liquid nitrogen to destroy the angioma with freezing. A small amount of liquid nitrogen will be placed on the angioma, causing it to freeze. Then, it will slowly thaw out. As the cherry angioma warms back up, the cells will be destroyed. If the mole is very large, it may require more than one cryotherapy application for complete removal.

Following cryotherapy treatment, the affected area could blister and/or scab.

*Multiple treatments may be required to achieve desired results, depending on the severity or type of skin irregularity. Patient's results may vary due to individual health, treatment plan and post treatment routine.

Treatment Plans & Home Care Routines Are Different For Every Patient

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