Dr. Michele Moss MBChB , LMCC , MCFP

About Me:

I was born and grew up in Cape Town South Africa. I finished medical school in 1982 at the University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital, site of the world's first heart transplant. My husband and I immigrated to Canada in 1987.  Rising my son and Daughter in Canada has been an amazing experience even now they are grown adults. Although I no longer have a family practice, I continue to enjoy a rewarding career as a physician. I am passionate about two areas of practice. The first is women's health and in particular the right to control reproduction through education and accessibility to the broadest range of services. I have a contraceptive practice that includes IUD insertions and removals, and Nexplanon implants. My second area of interest is immigration medicals which I have been doing for over 30 years. Having had to go through the process myself “because the government says so !”, I know the experience from the inside out, what with the anxiety, long waits and emotional investment. Two days a week I work in the foothills hospital in the Thoracic Surgery Department. Outside of work, I love spending time with my husband and family which includes our cat Alice and sheltie dog Caramel. I enjoy reading and can also be found year-round jogging on the pathways in our beautiful city.