Excessive Oil Production

What is Excessive Oil Production?

Sebum is an oily, waxy substance produced by your body’s sebaceous glands. It coats, moisturizes, and protects your skin. An overproduction of sebum can lead to oily skin. People with oily skin may notice that their pores look larger, and their skin appears greasy or shiny.

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a harmless, common skin condition that becomes more common with age. Stress, hormones, humidity, and genetics are some of the reasons your skin may make more oil than others.

Treatment Options

Laser Treatments

The Nd:YAG is a laser that can penetrate deeper layers within the dermis, causing diffuse dermal heating, limiting tissue damage to the epidermal layer of skin.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to remove layers of skin, revealing the more youthful skin underneath. Different chemical peels are used depending on the type of skin condition being treated.

Topical & Oral Treatment

Several ingredients can help reduce excess oil production. They can be used alone or in combination with other treatments.

*Multiple treatments may be required to achieve desired results, depending on the severity or type of skin irregularity. Patient's results may vary due to individual health, treatment plan and post treatment routine.

Treatment Plans & Home Care Routines Are Different For Every Patient

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